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Multi-API/Synergistic combinations

Identification of synergistic combinations of drugs and APIs

Drug development company is looking to develop a differentiating drug combination product for particular indication?
Particular API is at the end of its patent life cycle and pharma company is looking to extend its life cycle via a novel synergistic combination?

Design of multi API new drug formulations for superior efficacy

Generic pharma has a portfolio of single API agents and they are looking to develop drug combinations with intention to lower dose-strength or improved bioavailability or different dosing regimen for 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway?

Clinical project rescue with synergistic combinations

Company is developing or has in-licensed a novel molecule and it fails to show expected efficacy in Phase 2 trial. Can we combine it with other APIs in a synergistic fashion or reposition to avoid risk of attrition and loss?


Our exhaustive biomarker profiling of the drug coupled with our unique fish-net principle approach enables the quantification of relative relevance of drug molecules in combinations.

Recommendations of potential synergistic API including justifications and ranking based on clients’ requirement will be provided.

Impact & Benefits

Addition of a market differentiating drug product with higher efficacy to the clients’ portfolio

Preserving value of the client's novel molecule via clinical rescue

Market exclusivity via 505(b)(1) or 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway

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