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Our engagement model

Collaborative drug development

A typical project starts with a scope for analyzing indications and or drugs and or drug in relation to an indication.

This scope is created by our self for our internal programs or by our partners and clients for programs of their interest. If we have a scope, the platform runs to extract the data and combines them according to our implemented logic.

Our subject matter expert team then creates a report in an iterative process with our partners and clients to aim that this report is sufficient for decision-making. This should ideally lead to new drug development that may have to be verified in in-vitro and in-vivo testing or straight into fixed dose combination for abbreviated regulatory routes.

In case we do not have a new drug development that can apply a milestone based remuneration model, we can also provide our capabilities in a ‘fee-for-service’ model.

Our strategy is based on 3 pillows

The first is services based on our platform capabilities for a fee.
The second is partnering for shared contribution and shared benefit from out-licensing or divesting.
The third is to build up an internal pipeline to develop higher efficacious drugs, spin them out in very early phase to allow equity investment and have a clear exit in an M&A process.