Genesis of Keystonemab


I was suffering from vestibular schwannoma (VS), a rare type of brain tumor. The good news was it is a benign tumor but the bad news was that surgery was the only viable treatment option. After some research on all available treatment options, I found out that the main reason for the lack of treatment options for rare diseases was because they do not make an attractive target for traditional pharmaceutical companies due to the limited patient pool. The existing drug discovery model needs years of the development process with billions of dollars in investments.

As a scientist in the drug discovery field, we understand first-hand money and time constraint in the traditional drug discovery process and its shortcomings in ailments like rare diseases and emergency conditions like the corona epidemic. Thus in order to expedite the process of drug development for rare conditions, it is imperative to disrupt the existing drug discovery model.

So at Keystonemab, we aim to bring speed and efficiency to the conventional drug discovery process by using innovative approaches. One such approach is to help drug discovery scientists to increase the speed of scientific decision making by providing unique scientific insights from millions of scientific articles. We envisioned that by providing real-time actionable insights to a scientist in his particular research domain we can help to avoid pitfalls in experimental planning. Thus empowering wet-lab scientists to make data-driven decisions based on not 10 but 10,000 research articles. Real-time insights will also help them to avoid re-inventing the wheel by making quick project-related decisions based on new information.

We are leveraging artificial intelligence to understand the context and parameter links between all the articles in the biopharma field. We want to organize the biopharmaceutical big-data in such a manner that we can derive unique insights otherwise impossible for the human mind. At the moment we are working with multiple medium scale drug discovery companies to help them gain insights to speed up existing drug discovery or re-purpose already existing drugs for new indications. 

I am Tushar Satav, founder of Keystonemab and healthy again.