our mission

Change paradigm in pharma

Drug development using AI supported predictive analysis for synergistic drug combinations and multi API newly formulated drugs, provide justification to expand the use of existing drugs into more indications and diseases.

It also helps to expand indication and reposition drugs. Further to this, there are for many rare and orphan disease no drugs available. Our approach can help to change this.

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Our platform contains data from

1000+ signaling pathways associated with drugs
11,000+ biomarkers linked to drugs
1M+ unique relationships between drug-biomarker-disease-signaling pathways
14,000+ Investigational, approved or withdrawn drugs
7000+ disease conditions that can be treated using drugs

Our platform needs only minutes to gather the actionable insights from millions of documents and publications

Our Services

Multi-API/Synergistic combinations

Identification of synergistic combinations of drugs and APIs

Drug repositioning

Indication expansion of existing and newly developed drugs

Novel druggable targets

Differential biomarker analysis for identification of new druggable targets

Commercial product portfolio analysis

Commercial product portfolio analysis for development of market differentiating products

Customer Segments

Biopharmaceutical Industry Lifescience and Biotech companies who seek to derive key insights from vast amounts of data to make smart project-related decisions.
Academic Institutions Research labs who need to organize domain-specific scientific data and stay upto-date on the research trends in the concerned scientific domain.
Venture Capitalist & Consulting firms Investors who need specific market trends and scientific intelligence to evaluate prospective deals.