Real-time actionable insights from millions of scientific publications
Artificial Intelligence driven scientific analytics platform
Save 90% of your time spend on manual literature search
Get unique insights from millions of articles in real time
Stay updated on the latest trends in your research domain
Save millions of dollars by data-driven decision-making
As drug discovery scientists ourselves, we understand the complexity of scientific process
Our vision, combine AI and scientific know-how
To plan one scientific experiment, we need to go through at least 5 different articles. Finding and reading these articles to determine their relevance can easily take 2 hours. Imagine, doing 4 experiments a week will take 8 hours on literature search.

In some cases we want to plan new experiments which will require insights from 20 different articles and it is difficult for human mind to understand and extract the key information. We understand this problem first-hand so our AI system can not only retrieve and organize these articles but also develop unique insights to plan more accurate experiments.

So you spend more time on doing the experiment rather than gathering information.
We developed specialized crawlers to gather relevant data from public domain life science websites and biggest scientific repositories on the internet.

Data is organised by using Natural Language Processing algorithm extracting keywords and semantic relationships.

Finally machine learning classifies this data into relevant categories to have unique insights from the complete data set.
Customer segments
Biopharmaceutical Industry
Lifescience and Biotech companies who seek to derive key insights from vast amounts of data to make smart project-related decisions.
Academic Institutions
Research labs who need to organize domain-specific scientific data and stay upto-date on the research trends in the concerned scientific domain.
Venture Capitalist & Consulting firms
Investors who need specific market trends and scientific intelligence to evaluate prospective deals.
Keystonemab team
Tushar Satav, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Tushar has deep domain knowledge of biopharmaceutical research, especially in early drug development processes
Tjerk Geersing
Business development
Tjerk is the owner of the Yukon Software company with knowledge in AI and ML
Roland Meisel, Ph.D.
Chief Commercial Officer
Roland is an expert for early and late stage biological drug development as well as licensing deal making