Emona Biopharma Enters Partnership with Keystonemab to Co-develop Multiple High-Value Generics


Collaboration will leverage Keystonemab’s AI platform to identify novel synergistic drug combinations

July 15, 2021 

Utrecht, The Netherlands. – Keystonemab B.V., a privately-held company developing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and big-data analytics platform for drug life cycle management via synergistic combinations, indication expansions, repositioning etc., today announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Emona Biopharma d.o.o..  The collaboration leverages Keystonemab’s expertise in identifying high value APIs using its unique “fish-net” approach via big-data analytics combining proposed synergistically acting drug substances. Alternatively, Emona will leverage its expertise to develop, out-license and launch generics in European Markets. Both parties will equally share IP, Royalties and Sales percentage generated via this collaboration.

“This partnership with Emona enables us to leverage our AI driven big-data technology platform with Emona’s expertise in developing and commercializing high-value generics in European market. This partnership aligns perfectly with our long-term vision to bring cheaper, safer and higher effective drugs to patients” said Tushar Satav, Ph.D., Keystonemab co-founder and CEO.

“This partnership is the first of its kind that opens a new era of using existing molecules approved for treatment of humans to develop higher effective drugs as envisioned by experts saying that the majority of drug we need to treat patients are already existing.” says Roland Meisel, Ph.D., Keystonemabs partner and CCO. “We are delighted by finding with Emona visionary managers that follow the similar strategies and principles of designing new drugs for development!

Egor Gorshkov, co-founder and CEO of Emona , stated, “We are thrilled to enter into this alliance with Keystonemab. Close synergies between Emona Biopharma and Keystonemab in using AI, knowledge of generic product development and product marketing enable us to bring to the market better and safer combination of medicines benefitting millions of patients with chronic conditions.”

About Keystonemab
Keystonemab developed an AI powered SaaS platform to extract insights from millions of scientific, clinical and patent documents. Keystonemab leverages unique “fish-net” effect coupled with big-data analytics to develop actionable insights to manage drug life cycle. It helps clients in drug repositioning, novel drug combinations and indication expansion. To learn more, visit www.keystonemab.com

About Emona
Emona Biopharma is a GMP certified pharmaceutical licensing company that develops generic and value-added generic medicines. The team’s sharp focus on supply competitiveness, speed and efficiency of service makes the Emona Biopharma a viable partner to companies that seek to grow their portfolio through in-licensing of pharmaceutical assets. More information is available on www.emonabio.com

Roland Meisel
CCO, Keystonemab

Egor Gorshkov
Director, Emona Biopharma