15 July 2021

Emona Biopharma Enters Partnership with Keystonemab to Co-develop Multiple High-Value Generics

Collaboration will leverage Keystonemab’s AI platform to identify novel synergistic drug combinations July 15, 2021  Utrecht, The Netherlands. – Keystonemab B.V., a privately-held company developing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and big-data analytics platform for drug...
14 May 2021

How Keystonemab is using Watson to revolutionize drug discovery

IBM features an article on how Keystonemab is using AI and analytics to help companies bring more safer and effective drugs to patients. To learn more about our technology and approach read full publication...
2 April 2021

Avoiding ‘fake news’ during AI-driven drug discovery

Initial phases of drug discovery and development and preclinical testing involves disease-associated target Identification, screening of small molecule libraries for HIT selection, de novo drug design and DTI prediction. Using deep learning AI strategy, Natural Language...